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:Video of the Day: Ash Code – Oblivion

Today we bring you the title track off of Ash Code’s very first LP titled Oblivion. just released this past October this past year.   The LP has received rave reviews from critics everywhere and is a great start for the band, who is merely a year old this month.

Band members include Alessandro (vocals and programming), Claudia (synths and vocals), and Adriano (bassist and drums) with Lidio Ulgharaita and Sonya Dergaa as lyrical assistants.  Recorded and mastered by L’Arte dei Rumori.

The band name was created as a moniker for the combination of Alessandro’s sensitivities and Claudia’s taste. Combining darkwave, noise, and electronics with a solid drum machine, their dark ballads and obsessive beats drive one deep as the melancholic synths roll you over gentle waves.  “Lights and shades. Dances of Death. Visions and theatric(s). Coded ash.”

You be the judge.  Listen to the LP in its entirety and purchase on Bandcamp.

Fields of the Nephilim - Moonchild

:Classic Video of the Day: Fields of the Nephilim – Moonchild

Fields of the Nephilim are a gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Carl McCoy, saxophonist Gary Wisker, Tony Pettitt on bass, guitarist Paul Wright and drummer Alexander “Nod” Wright. After the release of the debut EP Burning the Fields, Wisker left the band to be replaced by Peter Yates as second guitarist. Paul Chousmer played keyboards in the live band from 1988 until 1990, and appeared on the live album Earth Inferno. The current incarnation of the band has released one authorized recording of new material and one double live album since 1990, but the group perform frequently, with Carl McCoy and Tony Pettit remaining from the original lineup.

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:Video of the Day: The Dreaming – Alone

THE DREAMING is a reunion of Stabbing Westward’s founding members, Christopher Hall (lead singer) and Walter Flakus (keyboards, programming). This renowned songwriting team is behind most of Stabbing Westward’s radio hits and are accompanied by one-time Stabbing Westward drummer Johnny Haro, Deadsy/Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost, and KUZA bassist Franccesca De Struct. Continue reading

red this ever - attack

:Video of the Day: Red This Ever – Man Up Now (Pre-Release Teaser)

Red This Ever is a Baltimore based New Wave, Synth-Rocker band filled with shy anger and catchy hooks.  If you enjoy listening to synthpop or rock, you’ll love Red This Ever.  Their songs fluidly combine the sound of current electronic scene with intriguing melodies and infectious rhythms that harken back to the glorious days of the Post-Punk, New Wave revolution.  Red This Ever have often been blamed for having songs that stick to you like glue, as well as not having enough room to dance.

Their newest album, to be titled Attack, is scheduled for release this summer.   Can’t sit still and wait?  They are sharing the pre-release tracks on Soundcloud, now!  I, for one, can’t wait to buy them because listening has been a great pleasure!  Check this out!

September Mourning small

:News: September Mourning Share Contest

September’s Children of Fate!

In an effort to spread the word about the upcoming album and the single recently release, September Mourning is running a share contest.  In gratitude for the support, she is giving those that share an opportunity to earn unique gifts, access to exclusives, and behind the scenes materials.  Competitions will be posted often so check back on the site and their Facebook often.

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Rave the Reqviem

:Video of the Day: Rave the Reqviem – Aeon

Swedish electronic metal act Rave The Reqviem are breaking into the American scene with the premiere of their graphic and gripping new music video, “Aeon.” The dark, industrial-rooted track with religious and horror-filled imagery debuted at Bloody-Disgusting yesterday. The song comes off the band’s latest record, “Rave The Reqviem,” which was released internationally via Japanese-based label Digital World Audio last April.

Rave The Reqviem mastermind Filip Lönnqvist, who fronts the band alongside his mother Carola, said this about the new video: Continue reading

September Mourning small

:News: Debut of September Mourning!

September Mourning have released their new single “Children Of Fate” from their upcoming album due out this Spring. The album, which was produced by Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance), will be released alongside other forms of media containing the story of the characters portrayed in the band. One of which, is a comic book released through Top Cow Comics and developed by September (Vocalist & Founder) and Top Cow CEO Marc Silvestri.
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:Podcast: The Oontzcast

This week Shibari welcomes Seven from Freckle Licker – or as she likes to call him, “her brother from another mother from down under!” All in good fun, Seven and Shibari talk dirty music, the awesome new Oontzcast intro is brought to the table (courtesy of the awesome Frank Sparti of FlammPunkt) and more ..

Stay tuned later this week because you are getting a double hitter of Oontzcast, since the holiday has put us back an episode.  We will be posting another episode to get us caught up!

December Album of the Month:

Breath & Decay - The Awakening

Breath & Decay – The Awakening


Released: 21 October 2014



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:Video of the Day: The Prodigy – Nasty

Artist: The Prodigy

Song: Nasty


Shallow Graves featured

CD Review: [product] – Shallow Graves

[product] – Shallow Graves
Release Date: 14 January 2014
Label: Vendetta Music

All tracks written and produced by Michael Kurt.
Mastering by X-Fusion Music Production (
Artwork by Kallisti Design (

Review by Shibari Reiss

Shallow Graves - resizedWhen you think of where music begins and ends it is doubtful that Portland, Oregon is what comes to mind. But, did you know that The Kingsmen and Paul Revere and the Raiders established Oregon as a minor center of frat rock and garage rock? Over the next twenty years, Portland established itself as a hub for Punk Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock with a strong contribution to independent music.

While Portland has become a hub for hipsters, what most people are unaware of is the Electronic and Industrial music scene that has been stomping up the nightlife.

[product] is one of those bands that hails from Portland; they have been around since 2008, when Michael Kurt left the band [injekted]. Since then, [product] has self-released the following singles and EPs: Placement; Reassignment; Drown the Horses, There’s No Tomorrow EP; as well as the full length album, …And The Connection Fails. They also opened for bands like Slick Idiot, Android Lust, and HexRx.

By 2011, [product] made their major label debut with an iTunes exclusive release of the I Hope You Choke EP on the label COP International. It received some good attention as the release featured remixes by Distorted Memory and Die Sektor’s side project Chloral One. They released a full album in 2012 called I, Omega. During that time they were able to really make a footprint in the Industrial scene and were able to open for God Module, Assemblage 23 and a few others.

In 2013, [product] made a clean break and announced they would be a free agent and left COP International. They released an EP called Awaken The Alchemist which was a little darker and a step away from the aggro and dancey music they had previously released.

It was then that [product] signed with the Colorado based Vendetta Music and released Shallow Graves.  It is a Harsh EBM release which offers very danceable beats and harsh vocals.

I have heard a few songs by [product] but had never really committed to purchasing a whole album. I was not really sure with this one when the first song, “So Lost,” opened up with a barely intelligible soundbyte. But it followed with music that seemed to promise that the rest of the album would be better. It engages listener with guitars, synth and banging drums. I won’t lie; the beat definitely grabs you and entices you to move to it

There is a lot to this album; I like the fact that all of the songs are unique and do not “sound the same.” The vocals are harsh and somewhat screamy at points. But I found the music to be good and particularly liked “Carrion,” “Amaranth,” “The Blind,” and especially the Ivardensphere Remix of “We All Live.”

Shallow Graves has a lot to offer. I did like it enough to go to their Bandcamp and get their new EP, Her Ghost, which is available for only $1. I find that to be a steal as well as a good find. Do I recommend this album? You bet! While some of the vocals seem really harsh, I really enjoyed the album as a whole, and I look forward to sharing it, both in my radio shows and on my podcast.

Track Listing:   

  1. So Lost
  2. The Blind
  3. Amaranth
  4. Call To The Moon
  5. Giving Water, Taking Ash
  6. Carrion (To The Stars)
  7. Voluntary Extinction
  8. A Symbol For Water (feat. Detroit Diesel)
  9. Led To Light
  10. We All Live
  11. In Shallow Graves
  12. We All Live (Ivardensphere Remix)
  13. Call To the Moon (Acylum Remix)

:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 197

We know we are tardy due to some issues with the site, but the Shibs & Gn0m3 made a special Happy Holidays edition of The Oontzcast for everyone! Hope all is well with everyone and that you had a fun yet safe New Year celebration.  Enjoy and a new episode will be out as soon as possible to keep with the times.

December Album of the Month:

Breath & Decay - The Awakening

Breath & Decay – The Awakening

Released: 21 October 2014

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:Classic Video of the Day (Holiday Edition): What About Bill? – Winter Wonderland

Artist: What About Bill?

Song: Winter Wonderland

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