On September 19th, COMA Music Magazine staff received an upsetting email in regards to our podcast, The Oontzcast, claiming that we were selling the podcast.

The Oontzcast was created in 2011 by Christina and Tiffany to promote artists that we work with and musicians that we have found through labored searches (and lots of CD/concert ticket purchases). It has since been hosted by j.ward (COMA’s previous Editor-in-Chief), Michael and Amy (DJ Chassit), Jaymie, and now hosted by Shibari & Gn0m3. We have never sold the podcast and the only venues we have used to distribute it is our website, iTunes, and

With several days of research, however, we have indeed discovered that someone has invaded our Kiwi6 account (used temporarily when was having some issues with iTunes). They deleted 30 of our podcasts that we had stored there. Those 30 podcasts might very well be gone forever to us.

With more research, we found those 30 podcasts being listed on Google Play and being sold for $0.99 – $1.29 an episode! That is our hard labor and OUR FAVORITE MUSICIANS MUSIC being sold by someone selling under the name COMA Music Magazine and an unknown entity “Kevin Allen”. We have attempted notifying Google by filing a DMCA notice to have them removed but they responded with:

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:News: Celebrate Halloween with God Module

Many of you are probably already aware that most of us on the COMA Music Magazine staff are big fans of God Module.  We are happy to inform you all that during October, God Module will be doing three additional performances for the False Face Tour.

Red Room – October 19 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Join the Descent team October 19 at the Red Room for an amazing performance from God Module.  Come down for drinks, dancing, and good times!  Anyone who purchased tickets for the previous show that was cancelled will have their tickets honored.

October 19th  :  9pm-2am
$20 Advance Tickets; $25 @ Door
Red Room
398 Richards
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Purchase your Ticket Online





AntiKlub – October 30th – Lancaster, California

[Devil's Night]
God Module
Sektor Six
Transhuman Unit

Unit 77
Brimstone Jack

Guest DJ’s:
H – Bomb
M0nst3r Zer0 1

Art Horrifique by Johnny Dearest

44545 Division St.
Lancaster CA. 93535
October 30th
9 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Full bar for the 21+

For Members and Qualified Guests

RSVP here!

Complex – November 1st – Glendale, California

Wanna be in a God Module video???

Celebrate Dia Da Los Muertos with God Module!!!

God Module will be filming this concert for use in a 2015 video release. Attending this special show means you will probably be in the video and part of God Mod history!

If you arrive in Sugar Skull Day Of The Dead makeup or with / or willing to have a God Mod logo drawn on your forehead and ready to go insane with us you will be up front for the show!!!

November 1st @ 9pm
With Special Guests
Gentleman Junkie (LA)
DJ Franck H-Bomb

$10 at the door
806 E Colorado St, Glendale, California 91205



Oontzcast white

:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 188

The weather is getting cooler outside, but the music is HOT in here!
In this super-size edition of Oontzcast Shibari is joined by DJ Saint,
and Z from Siva Six. Where we learn that Dance Destruction and Death are life . This episode is a bit longer than normal (1.5 hours) but full of intensity in conversation and music.

After you finish listening to the podcast, be sure to jump over to our Video of the Day for Siva Six‘s new video for Nemesis, which was shot live in Athens!

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