:Review: Kult of Red Pyramid – Broken Mirror

KORPKult of Red Pyramid – Broken Mirror
Release Date – April 12, 2014
Label – Xperiment XIII
Website – http://kultofredpyramid.wix.com/korp

Review by Grant V. Ziegler

I was first introduced to Kult of Red Pyramid (KORP) after doing a review for their side project titled Void.Inject. After hearing what VI could do to make harsh/EBM sounds interesting again I was curious what else the group had to offer. That’s what brought me to KORP and now I’m reviewing their lengthy 20-song album that has a little bit of everything.
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:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 184!

Gn0m3, Shibar, and their return guest, Evan Mitchell of Machines on Blast, get their grove on with new tunes and bring all new antics to the table.  Strap on that straight jacket and line up for those meds because the insanity is being unleashed!  They make calls to people to talk them into some on air Drunken Karaoke, giving away Machines on Blast merchandise!
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