:Video of the Day: St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse

Artist: St. Vincent

Song: Birth In Reverse

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:Video of the Day: iamamiwhoami – the last dancer

Artist: iamamiwhoami

Song: the last dancer

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:Video of the Day: Lord Of The Lost – Kingdom Come

Artist: Lord Of The Lost

Song: Kingdom Come

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:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 196

Happy Monday!  It’s Oontzcast time!  This week Shibs and Gn0m3 bring in an all new Album of the Month, Breath and Decay’s The Awakening, and talk about numbers, Trash Talk .. and so much more.

November Album of the Month:

Breath & Decay - The Awakening

Breath & Decay – The Awakening


Released: 21 October 2014




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:Video of the Day: The Gothsicles – Ultrasweaty

Artist: The Gothsicles

Song: Ultrasweaty



:Classic Video of the Day: The Church – Unguarded Moment

Artist: The Church

Song: Unguarded Moment

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:Video of the Day: Ludovico Technique – Deeper Into You

Artist: Ludovico Technique

Song: Deeper Into You

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Atomzero Symbiosis featured

:CD Review: Atomzero – Symbiosis

Atomzero – Symbiosis
Release Date: May 23, 2014
Label: Analogue Trash Records

Review by Tyler Courville

Atomzero Symbiosis resizedIt is no secret that I have a bit of a soft spot for the synthier side of EBM. Sure I love myself some Uberbyte and Agonoise, but sometimes it is refreshing to listen to something a bit calmer and a bit less screamy. Atomzero’s album Symbiosis is a wonderful and refreshing example of this.

This album has many warm sounds and deep beats that bring And One and Necessary Response to mind. There is emotion to the music. It isn’t just dirty lyrics thrown at a hard beating oontz song. Symbiosis brings back some of that soft, but deep that a lot of groups I have been listening to lately seem to have lost.

“Dissent” is my favorite from the album for sure. The song has a very KMFDM mixed with Mortiis feel. Light vocals with a very in your face melody.  If you enjoy the dark, Synthpopish, side of the EBM/Industrial world, you definitely won’t be disappointed.  I always love hearing new music and this album should definitely make any music lover’s wish list.

Track Listing:

  1. MisDirection
  2. Symbiotic
  3. Build Decay
  4. Ghost Inside
  5. Surface
  6. Blockade
  7. Dissent
  8. Nature Without Sound
  9. Divisions
  10. Brave
Essence of Mind - Wrong

:News: Out This Week! ESSENCE OF MIND – Wrong EP

Building up on the success received by the new sound approach they revealed on their recent “Indifference” album, Norway’s ESSENCE OF MIND announce “Wrong”, the 3rd chapter in the EP-trilogy ahead of the hugely anticipated release of their 4th full length album, “The Break Up!”, and this is all in the wake of their recent German tour with their neighbors, Apoptygma Berzerk.

Powerful, melodic and electronic with a touch of industrial metal and other dance music elements such as drum’n’bass, this exciting new song confirms the band’s unique sound and faultless production maturity. ESSENCE OF MIND selected 3 specific and very different remixers to give us the impression that each remix is an all new song standing on its own, let it be the drum’n’bass influenced tune from Diskonnekted, the powerful melodic and 80’s tainted electro track from Technomancer or yet the very emotional and moody piano remix by Xenturion Prime… As a last but not least bonus, you will also find the exclusive song “For Real” reminding us of the amazing diversity of sound of this talented Norwegian band…

Pre-order “Wrong” on Bandcamp and you’ll get 2 tracks now, plus the complete EP the moment it’s released.

  1. Wrong (single edit)
  2. Wrong (Diskonnekted remix)
  3. Wrong (Technomancer remix)
  4. Wrong (piano remix by Xenturion Prime)
  5. For Real
Mondtraume - Still Beating

:News: Out This Week! MONDTRÄUME – Still Beating EP

Exactly one year after their first steps on the Alfa Matrix label with the instant club hit EP “Life Is Short”, the Spanish duo MONDTRÄUME strikes back with the highly emotional new song “Still Beating”! A stunning release that will no doubt please the band’s growing fanbase who all fell under their dark synthpop spell since their much acclaimed album “Empty”…
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:Video of the Day: Blue Eyed Christ – Freakshow

Artist: Blue Eyed Christ

Song: Freakshow

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:Video of the Day: Black Fun Surgery – Spectralia

Artist: Black Fun Surgery

Song: Spectralia

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