:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 203

Monday is usually a blah day, as most of us generally return to the Monday-Friday ball and chain grind at our j.o.b.s, but with new episodes of The Oontzcast, at least we have something to look forward to and break up the monotony!  DJ Shibs & DJ Gn0m3 bring in Mark Sousa of Voicecoil (February Album of the Month) to talk and share what is ahead for his project!  Tours, music, sharing tunes, lots of Oontz in this LUST edition of The Oontzcast:  Seven Deadly Sins series!  Tune in, crank it up, stomp, and ignore the drone of life!

We are counting down to the Episode 208 special, celebrating The Oontzcast’s 4 years of podcasting!  Stay tuned for more info!  Have questions, requests, suggestions, comments for the hosts?  Send that in to Oontzcast[at]coma-online.com!

Voicecoil – Awakened Released: 26 September 2014

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:Video of the Day: Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier

Die Antwoord (meaning “The Answer”) is a South African group  formed in 2008 by Ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek.  Though many have tried to classify their music style as Rave Rap, their influences span across many genres. Continue reading :Video of the Day: Die Antwoord — Pitbull Terrier

:Classic Video of the Day: Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck

The Cocteau Twins (might I add, one of my all time personal favorites and this song being also being one of my favorites) were established in 1979 by Grangemouth, Scottland residents Robin Guthre and Will Haggie.  They didn’t quite become the band they were to become until they met Elizabeth Fraser at a local club, who would become their forever beloved ambiguous and ominous vocalist and lyricist.  1981 was when they decided to officially create music together, being inspired by bands of the time such as The Birthday Party, Sex Pistols, Kate Bush, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.  The union of the band was based off of their love of music, so it was fitting that the very name of The Cocteau Twins was taken from a song with the same name by fellow Scotsmen, “Johnny and the Self-Abusers” (Later, the song name was changed to “No Cure” and the band renamed themselves Simple Mind). Continue reading :Classic Video of the Day: Cocteau Twins — Iceblink Luck

:Video of the Day: nTTx – New Dress (Depeche Mode Cover)

Atomzero‘s Gord Clement has started an all new musical journey with his side project, nTTx.  Just released, we bring you his first song, a cover of Depeche Mode’s “New Dress” with some modernized lyrics.  This track will be featured on a promised upcoming EP with original tracks, remixes, and cover songs.  Stay tuned for more details on the release date!
Keep track of nTTx on the WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.  You can also find Atomzero from the WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.

:Video of the Day: mind.in.a.box – Synchronize

mind.in.a.box consists of Stefan Poiss (vocals) and Markus Hadwiger (lyricist), two childhood friends from Austria who were once simple game developers.  Their live cohorts include Roman Stift (bass), Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (guitar), and Gerhard Höffler (drums).  This video is a prerelease of the first track from an upcoming album titled Memories due to release on the 20th March, 2015!  Preorders are being taken at Thyx Music for those in Europe and Metropolis Mailorder for North America.

Keep up to date with mind.in.a.box on their WEBSITE and on FACEBOOK!


:Podcast: [Immoral:Devotion] – Episode 12

ID_Logo+TextIt’s Wednesday and time for an all new episode of [Immoral:Devotion]! This week, [DJ:EF] brings a Aggrotech/Hybrid Metal fusion to the table with a disclaimer!  Those of you not into “dark music, violence, death, darker [yet true] sides of life, horror and/or anti-religious themes” might not enjoy this one as much as other episodes.  Send any requests or commentary to [DJ:EF] via email (electrofrosty[at]coma-online.com)! Continue reading :Podcast: [Immoral:Devotion] — Episode 12

:Video of the Day: Eisenfunk – Pong

Band:  Eisenfunk
Song Title:  Pong
Album Title: 8-Bit
Release Date:  March 2010

Eisenfunk are a Munich-based industrial trio whose 2008 self-titled album proved popular within Germany’s alternative music scene, charting at number two. Originally founded in 2006 as a solo project by singer/producer Michael Mayer (not to be confused with the German techno DJ/producer affiliated with the label Kompakt), Eisenfunk made their recording debut in 2007 with the album Funkferngesteuert on the Danse Macabre sublabel Biohazzard Records. Following this initial release, Mayer recruited Arthur Stauder (electronic drums) and Toni Schulz (keyboards, samples) to join Eisenfunk and proceeded to re-record Funkferngesteuert as a trio, adding a couple new songs for good measure. Released in October 2007 as Eisenfunk, the new album steadily grew in popularity, ultimately climbing to number two on the German alternative albums chart in March 2008. Around this same time, Eisenfunk released the limited-edition EP 300 (2008), comprised primarily of remixes.

Grab some Eisenfunk at iTunes, Amazon, and your favorite online music source and get your Pong on!

:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 202

As if the release of The Oontzcast Files wasn’t enough for you to stomp to, The Oontz delivers you more STOMP STOMP STOMP!!! Shibs and Gn0m3 bring you episode 202: Seven Deadly Sins starting with WRATH. Get ready to get your angry out! We also bring you track 2 of our album of the month from Mark Sousa of VOICECOIL. Are you ready to rumble?  Can’t stop teh Oontz!


February Album of the Month:

Voicecoil – Awakened Released: 26 September 2014



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:Video of the Day: Ashton Nyte – Dressing Like You

Singer, songwriter, musician, and front man of gothic rock band The Awakening, Ashton Nyte will be releasing his new solo album Some Kind Of Satellite on March 3, 2015 on Just Music (South Africa) and Intervention Arts (rest of the world). Continue reading :Video of the Day: Ashton Nyte — Dressing Like You

:Podcast: [Immoral:Devotion] – Episode 11

ID_Logo+TextIt’s [I:D] day!  This week [DJ:EF] brings the oontz to get your bootz stomping and bootehz shaking!  Download it, crank it up, and feel the  beatz!  Send any requests or commentary to [DJ:EF] via email (electrofrosty[at]coma-online.com)! Continue reading :Podcast: [Immoral:Devotion] — Episode 11

:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 201

Hello!  It’s Oontzday!  Welcome to an all new episode of shenanigans and mischief!  The Oontzcast brings in February’s Album of the Month for your listening pleasure!  So download it or just press play on the player and let’s get stompy!   Don’t forget to click on Voicecoil’s cover art for Awakened to check out the Album of the Month on Bandcamp.


February Album of the Month:

Voicecoil – AwakenedReleased: 26 September 2014


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:Classic Video of the Day: The Cult – Rain

One of the longest surviving bands to get their start in the Gothic Rock/Post-Punk scene, The Cult are still alive today and currently working on their tenth studio album set for release this year.  Since their beginning in the early 80s (reported as both 1981 & 1983), the band has gone through many ups and downs, variations in the band line up, and included a break-up and rekindling. Continue reading :Classic Video of the Day: The Cult — Rain

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