:Music Review: Pixelpussy – Das Mewntz

Pixelpussy – Das Mewntz
Release Date: February 29, 2012
Label: Moonslave Radio, LLC
Website: reverbnation.com/pixelpussy

Review by: Neska Lapicki

  I’ll admit I was a wee bit late to the Pixelpussy party. When Das Mewntz landed in my inbox last week, my first thought (harking back to early sci-fi novels) was a cat that walks through walls. To discover that they are in fact a Rhythmic Noise/Industrial act with a wild sense of humor and a penchant for all things kitty was an utter delight, and the first listen had me rocking and laughing hysterically by turns. This album also holds the distinction of getting me the most entertaining looks from strangers at red lights in Baltimore City yet, and that’s saying something!! Formed in 2010 by Dj/Promoter/Flyer Monkey/All-Around Music Junkie Daemon Chadeau, the project began as a tongue-in-cheek joke and NYE resolution that exploded into a full-on “meower-noise” juggernaut. Das Mewntz satisfies on all levels.

We launch right in with “Welcome to Das Mewntz” which had me giggling even before I heard the epic Super Trooper samples. Take your nod to Seb Komor, put that on top of a big loud noisey groove, add a perfect dancefloor tempo and you’ve got the makings of the next request-list frequent flyer! “Bloodcurdling Surprise” has a slightly darker and sexier feel with its grinding rhythms, scratchy synths, and a punch-you-in-the-face beat that had me chair dancing from the first measure. Next up is “Loud Noises” which is a delightfully surprising bouncy little number full of delicate electronic trills, echoey booming bass and highly entertaining samples.

Speaking of entertaining samples, next up is “#winning”, and yes it is in fact a glitchy powernoise thrillride full of Charlie Sheen. “Buzzkill” attacks you from behind with a sound I can only describe as the one your soul makes when something you love is set upon by a swarm of electronic bees, then adds in a completely infectious beat that makes you want to dance, fully aware that you are doomed. “Rapist (Bed Intruder)” is pretty much exactly what you think it is, only better. Imagine if every internet meme were converted to epic powernoise … no wait, don’t imagine that because if you did the universe would explode!

“Noh8.God” earned me some of the best facial expressions at red lights EVER. As a longtime fan of big loud silly fun powernoise, and a longtime enemy of Westboro Baptist Church, it seems almost as if this song exists purely to reward me for a lifetime of reasonably good deeds. I find myself wanting to quote all of the samples, but instead I will just tell you that it opens with “Good evening, Godless Sodomites.” “Facefcuker” is the second part of the one-two punch of spectacular sampling that made me an instant lifelong fan of Pixelpussy. Big driving beats, a wee bit of Oontz, and “I want you to step back and LITERALLY FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!!” Seriously full of win.

“Flatline McDubbin” takes us to another realm without making us feel like we’ve left this realm at all. At once darkly sexy and bleep-bloop glitchy, full of completely-inappropriate-for-work samples, and possessed of a deeply sensuous and serious groove that reminds you that while PP is fun AND funny, it’s still all about spectacular music. “Katzenfan” will take everything you have heard thus far and turn it on its ear. I don’t even want to describe this one to you, because I feel like you have earned the surprise But trust me, listen all the way through so you don’t miss the LOLs.

Das Mewntz features remixes from Hexis, Prophets of the New Machine, Dacaboya, and Xfnx. I have to tell you, it’s been a little while since I’ve had this much fun checking out a new disc, and I look forward to gathering the back-catalog in all haste. Mewntz. Awesomesauce!!!

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome to Das Mewntz
  2. Bloodcurdling Surprise
  3. Loud Noises
  4. #winning
  5. Buzzkill
  6. Rapist (Bed Intruder)
  7. NOH8.GOD
  8. Facefcuker
  9. Flatline McDubbin
  10. Katzenfan
  11. Buzzkill (Killed by Hexis)
  12. Bloodcurdling Surprise (Dubabeetus Remix by Prophets of the New Machine)
  13. Buzzkill (Killed by Dacaboya)
  14. Buzzkill (XFnX Hooligan Remix)

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