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:Music Review: Project Pitchfork – Black

Project Pitchfork – Black
Release date: January 25, 2013
Label: Trisol Records

Review by: Zander Buel

project pitchfork black  German pioneers Project Pitchfork need no introduction—they have been recording since 1991, have toured all over the word, and have hit songs like “Timekiller” and “Carnival.” They are an indisputable icon of the EBM/Industrial genre, and have garnered a very devoted following over the past two decades. With their music ranging from Darkwave to EBM to experimental Electro-Rock, Project Pitchfork has never been content with predictability or formulas. Their sound is unmistakable: enormous synth textures and punishing beats, with a dramatic monotone in the vocals.

For such a remarkable band, Black is a perplexing album title, and it is certainly less esoteric-sounding than something like Alpha Omega or Dream Tiresias! Project Pitchfork has always been known for thought-provoking lyrics with a compelling poetic edge. But you shouldn’t judge a book—or in this case, an album—by its cover. Black is the band in full force, kicking off with the driving dance beat of “Pitch-Black” and the marching tune that is “Drums of Death.” The lyrical content is central here, with songs such as “The Circus” and “Acid Ocean” serving as harsh criticisms of how society breeds mediocrity and encourages the status quo. Lead single “Rain” captures the preciousness of love and relationships and the fragile art of trying to cope with the exhaustive, monotonous demands of the world. “Black Sanctuary” is a call to arms, a declaration of war against the parasitic nature of the masses.

The music presented on this 10-song album continues the trend set since Dream, Tiresias!: a hard-hitting assault of heavy electro that is both punishing and stomp-worthy. “Acid Ocean” is sweeping and lush, while “Enchanted Dots of Light” is a thrashing groove. The synth textures exist outside of both Futurepop and Aggrotech, inspired by a place far beyond those genres that still somehow manages to sound in line with them. And, of course, Peter Spilles’s vocals remain at the forefront as harsh, scathing, and venomous, but with as much passion as ever.

The deluxe edition of the album is presented in the format of a small hard-cover book, displaying beautiful photographs of angelic statues and striking promotional shots of the band. Combined with the bonus disc of b-sides and remixes, it is a hardcore fan’s wet dream.

Even after two decades and 14 albums, Project Pitchfork still sounds ripe with enthusiasm and a hunger to prove something to the world. Black is an overly simple title, perhaps, but it takes only a few minutes to realize that this album has much more than meets the eye.

Track Listing:


  1. Pitch-Black
  2. Drums of Death
  3. Enchanted Dots of Light
  4. The Circus
  5. Rain
  6. Contract
  7. Storm Flower
  8. Acid Ocean
  9. Black Sanctuary
  10. Nil


  1. Midnight Moon Misery
  2. Onyx
  3. The Circus (RMX)
  4. Acid Ocean (RMX)
  5. Pitch-Black (RMX)

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