:CD Review: Haujobb – New World March

Haujobb – New World March
Label: Tympanik Audio
Release Date: November 11, 2011
Website: haujobb-music.com

Review by: Neska Lapicki

November 11, 2011 brought us New World March, the highly anticipated new full length album from Haujobb. Their first full length release in seven years, NWM proves to be totally worth the wait! Dejan Samardzic and Daniel Myer have once again combined forces and collaborated with some heavy-hitters from the electronic music world to deliver an album that absolutely lives up to the promise of this spring’s Dead Market single. This is the Haujobb that I fell in love with more than a decade ago.

New World March opens with “Control”, a surprisingly mellow intro of plucked strings and moody synths that builds a cinematic tension without abandoning the signature Haujobb vibe. Although the pace is slow, the power is palpable. “Crossfire” darkens things up a bit and adds the signature beat you were looking for, but surprises again with its deeply personal lyrics and an unmistakable epic quality. “Let’s Drop Bombs” sneaks up and hits you in the face with its subtle intro that explodes 45 seconds in with BIG percussion and a driving synth riff that will have the dancefloor exploding right up to the outro, which calls to mind Solutions For A Small Planet.

“More Than Us” is the first (but not last) track to call to mind the synthpop of my high school days. Faintly reminiscent of early 80s Depeche Mode B sides (sorry to compare, but I honestly heard a bit of “Ice Machine” and “Something To Do” in there), but amped up and spectacularly updated. “Machine Drum” turns all of this on its ear and delivers the first (but not last) track that actually punched a hole in me somewhere. It launches in with a mechanical whir and click, followed by a not-at-all loud kaboom and lyrics that spur you to challenge all of your most deeply held beliefs.

Next up is “Dead Market”, which I will paraphrase from my review of the single. The original track, mixed by the legendary Paul Kendall, ensnared me instantly in the deeply layered and satisfyingly tense intro. “Dead Market” continues to build, adding organic drumming to the chorus, insectile electronic hums and buzzes, subtly placed samples, and I could swear I heard a theremin in there somewhere under the throbbing bass line. The vocals themselves are equally varied. Myer’s deep purr of a voice takes on a growling edge during the first chorus then continues to grow darker and stronger as the song approaches it’s ferocious crescendo with harmonious depth. “Manipulate the pulse, the pattern, the beat. Dominate the world.” Then a few bars of outro, so you can catch your breath and figure out what just hit you.

“Lost” is the next soul-eater on NWM. A dark and moody soundscape with a driving synth riff and lyrics that inspired me to post them Goth-Girl style on my own Livejournal. “Soul Reader” is the first glimpse of real anger and disdain on New World March. In comfortable juxtaposition, it is also the next nod to old-school synthpop. “Dance to the beat of your downfall”.

“Little World” is unquestionably my favorite track on this album, but then I am a sentimental creature. It begins with a quiet wash of metallic synth, then launches into an uptempo assault of all of your senses. “Membrane” follows with its otherworldly feel and still more soul-devouring lyrics, not to mention more of that easily-recognizable Haujobb feel.

Next up is the title track, which begins with an amazingly tense, yet familiar soundscape followed almost immediately by a completely new and amazing explosion of sound that calls to mind old video games and old romance novels at the same time. “Come to me with your pleasures / Come to me with your surprise / Watch all of the machines taking over / As I fall, as I fall / So lost in your eyes”. NWM ends with an intense and hauntingly beautiful instrumental piece called “Echo” that manages somehow to summarize all of the intensity and beauty of the album.

In all honesty, I will say that this is probably the most approachable Haujobb album that has ever been released. It honestly feels like a culmination of the original project, all of the side projects, and everything you really wished they would have released, all in one. And if you are wise, you will get the 2 CD digipack which includes 10 incredible remixes that I will probably babble endlessly about very, very soon :)

Track Listing:
1. Control
2. Crossfire
3. Let’s Drop Bombs
4. More Than Us
5. Machine Drum
6. Dead Market
7. Lost
8. Soul Reader
9. Little World
10. Membrane
11. New World March
12. Echo

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