:News: A statement from Negative Gain Productions in regards to the break up of Alter der Ruine

NGP Statement: Alter der Ruine

First off we are very shocked and surprised about the latest developments concerning Alter der Ruineʼs decision. I am not going to speak for the artists but rather speak on behalf of the label and NGPʼs stance with their decision. As we are aware that people have a lot of questions as to why, NGP feels that question should be left to Alter der Ruine to answer and when they are ready…. they will. We fully support our artists and will uphold the integrity and decisions Alter der Ruine makes concerning their future artistically and personally. NGP and ADR have a great working and personal relationship that we cherish and trust. We will still be releasing “Thereʼs Always One More Son of a Bitch” as scheduled and with no interruptions including singles and remixes in support of the album.

Micah and myself, as you know, are artists and are both in bands as well so we can relate to changes and adapt to them quickly. One of the statements we have made earlier at the beginning of NGPʼs “reboot” was that we promised to be flexible while maintaining artistic freedom and integrity. We stand by that statement while providing the support our artists request. We are both proud and humbled to share and be a part of these memorable releases from Alter der Ruine and in our opinion, the best releases from these great artists.

On a personal and positive note I believe “nothing is forever”, so with that said letʼs make the best of whats now and show your support for “Son of a Bitch” and “Thereʼs Always One More Son of a Bitch” and for the future of Alter der Ruine, Negative Gain and ALL of our music. OBEY THE NOISE!

Roger Jarvis (West Coast) and Micah Skaritka (Central)
NGP – Label Owners