:CD Review: Combichrist – Making Monsters

Combichrist – Making Monsters
Released: September 28, 2010
Label: Metropolis Records
Band Website: www.combichrist.com

Review by Michael Faries

The latest full-length album from Combichrist, Making Monsters, is out.  If you don’t have it yet, do yourself a favor and go get it.  If you’re already a Combichrist fan, there won’t be a whole lot of big surprises for you on this one.  Andy LaPlegua continues his experiment with all of the key ingredients that you’ve come to expect from it:  1 cup industrial, 1 tbsp techno, an unhealthy splash of screams, and an (seemingly) unhealthier pinch of toned-down vocals full of potential energy.

LaPlegua passes the mic to start off the album.  The song “Follow the Trail of Blood” has a fairly slow tempo, but is loud and obnoxious courtesy of  Bleeding Through vocalist Brandon Schiepatti.  Schiepatti’s screams fit so well with the music on this one, the listener ignorant of the liner notes surely will assume LaPlegua to be behind the mic.

The first single released from Making Monsters, “Never Surrender”, is sure to get your head bobbing and feet stomping.  It’s also sure to make your head held high, as the lyrical content is quite uplifting in it’s own demented little way:  “I will suffer, I will burn…Enslaved my soul, but I’ll never surrender.”

“Fuckmachine” is a song about-you guessed it-a fuck machine.  Here, LaPlegua assumes the roll of a machine that fucks.  Not much else to say, except that this touching techno-love song is surely to be heard blaring through an industrial club’s speakers near you.

“Slave to Machine” and “They” are Making Monsters’ two stand-out tracks.  They are both fast and brutal assaults to your head that remind you-just in case you don’t happen to like all the varying directions that LaPlegua has taken you-how much you still love Combichrist.

“Through These Eyes of Pain” is a slow-traveling, but beautifully-moving trip into LaPlegua’s mind.  While the song seems a little out of place on the album, the lyrics and attention to the production of the music are conjoined perfectly.

Besides being aggressive and head-splitting, this album shows the continued lyrical improvement that Combichrist has been displaying with each progressive release, while at the same time incorporating the lyrics that have typified the poignancy of previous releases.  So long as LaPlegua keeps making impressive things like Monsters, he will continue to make new fans impressed.

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