:CD Review: De_Tot_Cor – Dead Heart EP

De_Tot_Cor – Dead Heart EP
Released: October 26, 2010
Label: Vendetta Music
Website:  http://musicadetotcor.blogspot.com/

Review by: Dawne Flanagan

De_Tot_Cor, hailing from Barcelona, Spain, have garnered club fame with their single “Strawberry Panic” which had previously been released on compilations such as Endzeit Bunkertracks III in 2007.  In November 2010, the duo released the EP Dead Heart that not only includes the well-known track, but also five new tracks along with 5 remixes.  Dead Heart precedes a full-length album, which the act has stated on their blog will be released this year.

The EP is really quite seamless.  The many times I’ve listened to it in an attempt to derive something specific and insightful about the individual songs, I’ve ended up lost in my own thoughts and wondering if I was still listening to one track.  The use of similar synth sounds, which remind me of the well-known Grendel remake of Kernkraft’s “Zombie Nation”, act as a base for each of the songs, making it feel as though I was listening to one very long song.
This isn’t to say there isn’t variety amongst the songs.  The sounds behave more like a motif than monotony.  The entire album is danceable with confidence.  The driving thump of the bass keeps my attention just enough to allow my mind to wander but keeps me aware of its presence.  The hypnotic effect of the ever-present quadruple-time beat takes over the unoccupied synapses in the nervous system and compels the body to twitch, tap a foot or go so far as to actually dance.

A few moments stick out as I continue to listen.  Soman’s remix of “Surrender” introduces the song with a nice build up that sets an assured tone for the melody as the bass thumps and the faster rhythms increase in presence.  The soft voice of an Asian woman speaks to us throughout “I Love You,” a song that seems to jump out at me every time I listened to Dead Heart.   Instances within each of the other songs bubble up and I randomly took notice of different things as I listened.

Some might look at the similarities amongst the tunes on the album and argue that the only variety is provided through the remixes.  My first impression led me to wonder if De_Tot_Cor could go outside their comfort zone and provide something “different.”  But as I listened more, I grew to appreciate an odd peace, as though the bass and fast-paced trebles created a sea of sound upon which the other elements could sail.  Individually, the songs stand well enough on their own.  Combined, this 11 song album can make you dance for a straight hour, drive like a bat out of hell, or even act as background music.

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