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:CD Review: Dead Hand Projekt – Control

Dead Hand Projekt – Control
Release Date: October 8, 2013
Label: Vendetta Music
Official Website: deadhandprojekt.com

Reviewed By: Amy M. Reynolds

DHP Control PicIn October 2013, Dead Hand Projekt delivered the anticipated second full length album, Control, three years after the debut self-titled release, Dead Hand Projekt. I was a fan right from the beginning with lyrics directing virtual punches at political powers and hypocrisy without making them wrought with too much angst. The music has always had a fun bounce to the bass and synth lines, constantly always evolving from one song to the next. With two singles in between, Taury Goforth has had plenty of play time to experiment with his music and grow as a musician.

It has been extremely difficult for me to put into words how I’ve taken this new album, because I like it but it is of a different ilk than the previous full length and the singles. Though it still has the same flavor, in a sense, there was something new in the overall feel of the music that I just couldn’t put my finger on. It took quite a few plays before I finally had to break down and listen to the previous releases to figure out what it was.

“Retropolis,” the first song on the album, starts off with a very interesting synth intro that I loved and somehow made me think of Fever Ray and my favorite song of hers, “When I Grow Up.” Then suddenly the bass takes over and it’s a dance song. This was undoubtedly my favorite track on the release. The lyrics are quite simple but the music is a lot of fun. As I said, I found the album overall to be quite different than anything I’ve heard from DHP previously. However, musically, this song seems to fit the old style. It is full of great synth lines, a dance-y bass beat, and that fun intro comes into play in the song later.

What I found most interesting in this album was listening to it from beginning to end. Each song flows right into the other, both story-wise and musically. It flowed so well that I had to check the BPMs and I assure you, they are not all the same, though most of them don’t steer far from one another. An example of this is the beginning of the second song, “Before You Go,” which seems to be a continuance of the “Retropolis” outro. The tone is a bit more serious and less “clubby.” Lyrically, it is a bit of a puzzle, but it seems to be a reminder to me of the struggles of life and constantly having to pick yourself up with the hopes that tomorrow is a better day. In the end, we are all alone in this because no one can give us the drive to keep going on unless we make the effort to do it on our own. We have to want to, even though many put us down and feed us negativity.

Another song on the album that caught my interest was “Safe,” which was also out in a single. It is an example of the change in DHP that I previously tried to put my finger on. The drums are a lot clearer in this one (I want to say they are live drums on most tracks) and there’s the addition of an electric guitar in it. It has the elements of a Rock song. It’s well put together but the guitar riffs and live drums give it more of an Industrial Rock edge rather than Electro Industrial. It’s a great song and probably my second favorite on the album.

Those of us that are familiar with Taury Goforth know that he is inspired by all elements of music and it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear him blend in bits of other genres. Overall, Control has a lot more of a Rock feel than the previous releases, somewhat taking it back to old Experimental Industrial and less Electronic Industrial. This new release has a lot more live guitar and drum play in it, along with more musical composition rather than club beats. The music was well put together and the lyrical content is very light. The music seems to be more serious and the lyrics a bit more sex oriented, especially the sexy song “Scream 4 Daddy.” Just one word to say about that song… “Rawr!”

Track Listing:

  1. Retropolis
  2. Before You Go
  3. Cut Throat
  4. Safe
  5. Scream 4 Daddy
  6. Get Up
  7. Human Nature Hates a Lack of Information
  8. Punishment
  9. The Problem
  10. Crawler
  11. Still Breathing
  12. Habit

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