:CD Review: Dead Hand Projekt – The Lost EP

Dead Hand Projekt – The Lost EP
Release Date: March 13, 2012
Label: Vendetta Music
Website: deadhandprojekt.com

Review by: Amy Reynolds

Since the inauguration of the self-titled Dead Hand Projekt album released in 2010, DHP has continually progressed and expanded. It has been a genuine pleasure watching the project develop right before my eyes. Though there is only one EP between the debut and this upcoming release, the band doesn’t leave you without a strong sense of where Dead Hand Projekt is coming from or how big it is going to get. The only thing it leaves you with is a desire for more.

Releasing on March 13th comes another powerful release, The Lost EP. We’ve all been anticipating a full album release but Taury Goforth gives us another teaser with a somewhat satisfying dose of four all new songs. I say “somewhat” because this album leaves me in lust for more songs. The drive in this new release is so contagious I don’t want to stop dancing or listening. I want to hear and feel more! DHP touches on some political topics in this release, giving political assholes a musical punch in the face along with a flying bird.

First on the EP is “Prick”, a song that I must admit I don’t quite get lyrically. However, it does leave me with that sense of anger and the desire to fight, something DHP’s “cancer” (see what I did there) spreads throughout all its listeners. It has a great club sound, filled with powerful synth layers and boot stomping bass. That desire is taken out on the dancefloor, with elbows throwing and feet ready to grind any foot that falls within reach into hell.

“aKiLLeR” follows the lead song, a song that pleasantly surprised me with lyrics like “COME ON you want to play, everything is not okay, 1 percent is getting richer, 99 is getting stronger!” Always filled with core foundations of old-school industrial beats that keeps you on the dancefloor, this one adds some harsh lyrics with a meaning that you just want to yell at those pigheaded politicians and capitalists along with Taury.

The third track is “The Tired Will Fight”, fast and adding some great drum beats that make me want to break out my sticks and play along! Full of angst and motivational lyrics, such as “I’ll never give up! Never gonna get down.”, this makes for a great song to just listen to in the car on the way home from your j.o.b. and scream out some personal frustration.

Finally, “Suck It Dry” is the last track, my favorite on the album. The lyrics are guttural and bring to mind a touch of Marilyn Manson’s singing style (yeah, I went there). Structurally, this song displays just how much DHP has cultivated its sound over the last two years, giving us a vivid display of true talent. It gets my adrenaline pumping and is the type of song that I love dancing to. This song is wonderfully mastered with everything at optimum levels. Consisting of drop off beats, guitar accompaniment, synth, drums, awesome vocals, sound clips of a gunfight and heavy breathing… there is so much going on in this song that it really gets the senses going.

Every single track on this EP is sure to keep the floor packed in any industrial club, however “Suck It Dry” is going to be the hit. Where I think DHP has improved in this album is lyrical content, making it an industrial release that I want to listen to alone, rather than just great party tracks. I don’t know about you but music hits me that way. Generally I categorize music that captures my interest as club/party music or personal/private favorites that are memorable. Not many can be both but DHP has crossed into that realm, along with other bands of it’s ilk like :wumpscut:, Funkervogt, Imperative Reaction, Blaqk Audio, Grendel, and a few others. Overall, you don’t want to exclude The Lost EP from your collection.

I’m drooling as I wait for the full album release. I had to throw on Dead Hand Projekt and Horror EP to satisfy my needs after reviewing The Lost EP. Keep spreading your cancer, DHP, because you’re only getting stronger. Carpe Noctem!

Track Listing:

1. Prick
2. aKiLLeR
3. The Tired Will Fight
4. Suck It Dry

For a sneak peek the upcoming DHP album and other released from Vendetta Records, check out the label’s Soundcloud.

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