:CD Review: My Enemy Complete – (self titled)

My Enemy Complete – My Enemy Complete
Released:  January 11, 2011
Label: Radio-Active-Music
Website:  myenemycomplete.com

Review by:  Neska Lapicki

The self-titled EP from Washington DC area band My Enemy Complete is, in a word, magical. A genuinely genre-bending exercise in soul mining. Combining heavy electronics with the organic fire of live guitar and drums, vocals you can actually understand, and lyrics that are about your life and mine.  MEC call to mind echoes of that moment in high school where you suddenly realized there was so much more out there than what you’d been listening to. Originally formed in 2004 as a side project, My Enemy Complete came to full fruition in 2008 when guitarist Carlo Pizarro joined founding members singer/guitarist Bilaal Y and drummer Brian Fasani. Their former projects dissolved, they endeavored to cut ties with the past and  fully develop an original new band.

The EP opens with “Resistor” and one minute in you already know this is an effort years in the making. A lyrical testament to ripping yourself from the past with the good bits intact, I found myself hooked by the attention to detail. A catchy synth riff to catch your ear, followed almost immediately by the full band in spectacular balance. No heavy distortion here, you can hear every layer of the song structure. “Like a doll inside a plastic cage waiting for the chains to break…”

The energy continues to flow through the next 5 tracks, building an impressive range of dynamics from the haunting “defend my right to wake up and stare inside my soul” from the chorus of “Rite of Passage”; to the opening sample over melodic synth and rhythm that is the intro and outro of “The Cord”.  This is not a dance floor driven release, this is the CD you put in your car stereo and listen to for weeks, singing along!

And yes, the live show amps it up even more! Visit www.myenemycomplete.com for links to the latest news on releases, forthcoming shows, and where to snap up a copy of this impressive debut release!


1     Resistor                   4:32
2     Rite Of Passage         4:15
3     Stain the Same         4:45
4     A Thousand Cuts       4:21
5     The Cord                  5:27
6     The Way Out             5:20

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