:CD Review: Sinsect – Bug Life

Sinsect – Bug Life
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Label: Crunch Pod
Website: sinsect.com

Review by: Jeremy Davey

The sound of Sinsect’s (James Ashley) new release, “Bug Life”, pounds steadily along the line  between chaos and structure without ever veering to one side or the other.  It is a visceral, violent album, but not in the typical harsh electro sense.  Whereas most harsh electro tends to have a sound more akin to the ruminations of a sexual sadist, serial killer, or horror addict, “Bug Life” is violent in the same way a mass of feral sub-humans laying waste to everything in sight is violent.  Even the slower parts seethe with violence and menace.  Think about hundreds of the infected people from “28 Days Later” running down the main street of your town or city at rush hour. Yeah,  Sinsect’s “Bug Life” would be a great soundtrack for that particular scenario.  While there wasn’t a single song on this release that I’d skip over, there are a couple that I found myself hitting the ‘repeat’ button for several times.  “Pressure Release” is probably my favorite on the album, with it’s elephant-on-a-pogo-stick bass n’ beat and distorted, yet completely coherent, vocals.  The title track is another bludgeoning tune that is sure to have people’s bodies convulsing, whether on the dance floor or driving down the road (is that safe???).  “Burn (v2)” is a misanthrope’s wet dream, and would fit in nicely on anyone’s ‘pissed off’ playlist, with lyrics that unapologetically exclaim “right now, I just want to watch it all burn down”.

In the end, what really makes “Bug Life” stand out when compared to other power-noise is that it is never truly ‘noise’.  It’s noisy and distorted and harsh, but structured as fully realized songs.  There are no abrupt changes or breakdowns that ruin the continuity of the songs and make you think that a new track has started.  Please don’t misunderstand, there are definitely change-ups in the songs, but they still fit together in a way that doesn’t completely change the flow.  I’ve never been a fan of the power-noise sub-genre for this particular reason.  There’s just too much that sounds out of whack and, just as you’re starting to groove on it, something is thrown in that kills the vibe.  There is none of that uncontrolled sounding chaos here, and it makes “Bug Life” a thoroughly pounding, aggressive treat for the ears.

Track listing
1. Noisenbassen
2. Pressure Release
3. Bug Life
4. Crazy Fuck
5. Burn (v2)
6. After The Bomb
7. No More Nightmares
8. Shock Treatment (v2)
9. Wake Up Screaming
10. Derailer

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