:CD Review: W.A.S.T.E. – Liquor, Drugs and Hate

W.A.S.T.E. – Liquor, Drugs and Hate
Release Date: November 8, 2011
Label: Vendetta Music
Website: facebook.com/seektotalentropy

Review by: DeVico

If W.A.S.T.E. was an archetype of audio gone visual, it would be a biblical beast; a Behemoth, with six arms slamming mallets and hammers instead of swords. You could also use the word Juggernaut to convey the sheer force in this album (no, I am not referring to the comics). This is their second release on Vendetta Music with A Silent Mantra Of Rage being released on the said label back in 2009. You have seven new tracks and an additional 4 new remixes. Shane Englefield (aka Vuxnut) is the noisy mind behind W.A.S.T.E. with Tyler Viscerine lending co-production hands on two of the tracks.

“Want This World To Burn” starts off with a sample from a Sci-Fi television series that invokes an apocalyptic scene. “I do believe that someone or something wants this world to burn…” and the head slamming into the concrete commences. The high-speed tempo of this Rhythmic Noise grabs you by the hair and you can not help but feel the high energy in the air. The small interludes in this track are filled with reaping power electronics pulsating on their own accord. One of the things that makes this track stand out is all the noises used for percussion are rich on their own. One hell of an intro. “Scab Collector” keeps the tempo and the blood flowing but works more on the lower frequency spectrum while still using noise to layer the track. The thundering and thumbing bass percussion rumbles underneath, telling you, don’t stop running for your life, while screeching power electronics wail about. You have a glitch attack of electronic pings and spurts that work for breathing room. A great dense and unique piece. By the songs title, “Steel Toed Rampage”, it is pretty evident that the violence in this tract is going to be a steamroller. A locomotive of distorted rhythms tear up the road with sample of higher frequency screams lay on it back bone. Power Noise synths wail for the melody with an interesting solo interlude at the 3:40 minute mark till the locomotive pulls ahead for the final stage. Timing in just over 5 minutes, expect to sweat on the dance floor.

In a nod into Dark Ambient, “Sometimes You Don’t Come Back” is a work of sinister beauty. Gone is the wall of sounds pulling you down. Instead, similar to floating on water, you close your eyes to relax but don’t relax so much that you may just drown in this gorgeous piece. A haunting lower bass sequence creates a slow wave while reverb percussion adds peaks to give this work even more depth. The pace is brought back up with “Butcher Knife”. Thick and crunchy distorted rhythms start off the track and retain throughout. Just before the 2 minute mark a suitable distorted sequence joins in for a few seconds, just to let you know it is all about to get down right groovy. The BPM picks up and from there on, this track builds and builds. You are given the chance to catch your breath in the middle but being the longest track, coming close to 6 minutes on the album, don’t relax too much. “Still Drunk, Still Crazy” starts off with a metallic single reverb percussion and jumps right into the fast tempo tribal rhythm. The same single percussion is used as interludes but do not expect many. W.A.S.T.E. likes to make you work your demons out (or in) and this track is a great example. This track is a great example of how far Tribal Industrial Rhythmic Noise has come from the beginnings of early Test Dept & Crash Worship. Complex, relentless and the depth is mind blowing. “Part 1 Of Some Shit To Come” starts off with another Sci-Fi television series sample, rich with a nice touch of misanthropy. Slow swells of ambient pads build with a slower tempo rhythm layered into the background. Just when you are admiring the fragility of this track, the last 30 seconds attacks with power noise, just to remind you where you are.

The last 4 tracks are remixes from this album and previous albums. “Efficient Ways Of Killing Mass Amounts Of Motherfuckers (Bitch Per Minute remix)” retains the fast pace and props it up with a dense and wonderful suffocating remix. The female vocal adds a dualistic nature to the aggressive Rhythmic Noise giving a well-rounded feel. The BPM is pretty damn intense and with the higher frequency power electronics scattered about, this will make a nice dance floor addition. The track “Omega 3 (Doomer remix)” starts off with a short intro of distorted metal scraping metal sound and when the beat starts, it takes no prisoner. The rhythm takes short intervals and each time assaults back in with a slight variation. At the 2:30 minute the stereo balance is tweaked into chaos and it is a good thing. The speed of the track continues to challenge you to keep up, or fall to the side if you can’t. Good stuff. “Scab Collector (Catastrophe Noise remix)” delves into the bass of the original, with the samples cleaner and the bass percussion in the forefront. This remix works more with the percussion and pulls its skin back to show how much of a monster backbone the track has. When the noise swells are used, they are clipped into further percussion. A nice and interesting remix. “Mediaface (Synapscape remix)” delivers what you would expect with the names W.A.S.T.E. and Synapscape together. The behemoth creature is back with all 6 arms pounding and splitting the soil apart. The vocals are drenched in aggressive and distorted effects which works perfect with same drenched and dense tribal rhythm. What this track does quite well is that it does not give you a subtle ending of an album. The high energy continues and before you know it, you are ready to give the album another listen without a second thought.

Best advice, put Liquor, Drugs and Hate on repeat and have one hell of a time.

01 Want This World To Burn
02 Scab Collector
03 Steel Toed Rampage
04 Sometimes You Don’t Come Back
05 Butcher Knife
06 Still Drunk, Still Crazy
07 Part 1 Of Some Shit To Come
08 Efficient Ways Of Killing Mass Amounts Of Motherfuckers (Bitch Per Minute remix)
09 Omega 3 (Doomer remix)
10 Scab Collector (Catastrophe Noise remix)
11 Mediaface (Synapscape remix)

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