:Feature: 101 Greatest Industrial Songs of All Time- # 60 – # 41

:Feature: 101 Greatest Industrial Songs of All Time- # 60 – # 41

By: David Schock Vice -President, A&R, Show Promoter and Dj at WTII Records

Here is part two of the 101 Greatest Industrial Songs of All Time featuring songs 60 through 41.

For information of the project and scoring, visit David’s article here.

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60 – Machines of Loving Grace – Butterfly Wings (919/20/83) – The second single from their sophomore album Concentration, the song appeared on the soundtrack to the film Punisher: War Zone.

Butterfly Wings who can mistake that opening of this song.  It grabs you by the short hairs and whips you around.  Pulling at the emotion deep in your soul.  It’s nearly impossible to remove MoLG from their appearance on The Crow soundtrack which helped propel them to stardom in the scene.  While Concentration was a great record their follow up was a supreme slice of pure brilliance.  I remember sitting outside of First Ave. in Minneapolis waiting to see them and they came walking up and just started hanging out with us.  The guitar player liked my Murder Inc. shirt and we just hung out.  Later on after the doors where open he came out and sat at our table while we watched the other bands.  That’s the kind of stuff that memories are made of and the reason I will always be a fan. – Gabe Wilkinson – Microwaved/COMA Music Magazine Contributor

59 – Das Ich – Destillat(920/21/92) – Released as a single in 1998, “Destillat” appeared on the album Egodram, which marked the groups move to a more rhythmic, industrial dance-oriented sound. The song was reworked by VNV Nation and released – a couple years later – on a remix album entitled Re-Laborat.

Destillat was the second track, we wrote for our first industry album “Egodram”. In fact we wanted to combine the industrial ideas with modern harmony structures and the video we released together with a single version featured as well a female driven chorus. The whole release of this single had been for us a tremendous change, as before we never had any huge financial support for making a clip. We also had been not so comfortable at first with the idea to become some kind of pop version of ourselves. But happily all the fears vanished and the song became one of our most successful ones. This song even helped us to go thru the paradigm change of underground industrial into future pop when Ronan [Harris, VNV Nation] did the dancefloor version of the song which is still a smasher. When people ask about the idea of the song, we always try to let them have their own interpretations. One of our ideas had been that the essence of something is not well representing its basic idea, which is always an addition of all its little parts and the relations to the world around while the distilled essence is just an idealized version of the truth, which is a lie. – Bruno Kramm Das Ich

58 – Numb – Blood (928/22/99) – The second track from 1994’s Wasted Sky album, it was only four short years later that Don Gordon retired the project and moved to Vietnam and pretty much withdrew from the music world.   He made an appearance at Images In Vogue’s August 2004 reunion gig in Vancouver and did a remix of the title track on Dive Vs. Diskonnekted’s 2006 Frozen EP.

57 – Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime (930/18/96) – From the German synthpop dup’s fourth album, Spectators. The track was released as a single in 1998 and helped move the album up to #2 on the German charts.

I so fight romance but this song is adorable, sad and makes your feet move. I will take anyone down who beats down synthpop and I never loose. Lyrics are so outrageous yet fit perfect. – DeVico, COMA Music Magazine Contributor

56 – Project Pitchfork – Timekiller (962/17/99) – The second single from the German Electro-Industrial outfit’s 2001 album Daimonion, the album reached number eight on the German album charts and became the most commercially successful Project Pitchork album to-date and helping garner Project Pitchfork a nomination for an Echo Award in the category Best Alternative Act.

55 – Beborn Beton – Another World (972/22/97) - “Another World” was released on the albums Truth and Another World (both on Strange Way Records) in 1997.  Five years later, Beborn Beton released Tales from Another World (Best of) on WTII Records, a two-disc set that contained the original mix along with two remixes of the song.

54 – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Cuz’ It’s Hot (997/16/96) – Fully en titled “A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed by a Make-Believe Lover….’Cus it’s Hot” and released in 1990, the same year as the album Confessions of a Knife, this track was a major dance floor hit. A more house like track than the industrial or jazz-ish sound that was apparent in their later work. Very ‘groovy’ and disco-ish, but still combining their trademarks, ‘b-movie evilness’, silliness, and sex.

53 – The Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (1002/14/96) – From the industrial sometime supergroup’s third studio album Linger Ficken’ Good… and Other Barnyard Oddities, this track continued the RevCo tradition of taking a classic pop track and reworking it to the extreme. Originally by Rod Stewart, this cover was the first single and a video produced for the track featured B-movie actresses Jewel Shepard and Linnea Quigley.

52 – Lords of Acid – I sit on Acid (1006/22/88) – Released in 1988 on Kaos Dance Records, this controversial song with the chanted lyric of “Darling, come here, fuck me up the rear!”, shot the Lords onto the top of the “new beat” scene.  The track, remixed and rework over a dozen times, began the Lords tradition of using massive acid bassline storm and rough beats with outrageously sexual lyrics and sound samples.

51 – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler than Jesus (1020.5/18/95) – The first official single from 1989, this track cemented Groovie Mann’s and Buzz McCoy’s dominance of the dance floors for the next decade. Nestled in-between their debut album, I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits and Confessions of a Knife… the transitions in style the group is known for can be heard.

50 – Skinny Puppy – Dig It(1023/15/99) – “Dig It” , appeared on the 1986 album Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse.  The video produced for this song begins with cEvin Key in a graveyard with a child. The scene then moves to an office where a man, while working, has a heart attack and dies. In the graveyard Key begins filling in an open grave filled with various office supplies, while this is occurring Ogre is singing a refrain that contains the line, “execute economic slave.” The video features a curious style of letterboxing, that utilizes the extra space at the top and bottom of the screen with various distorted imagery. Random Fact: Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor once mentioned that the song influenced one of the first songs he wrote, “Down In It”.

First video I saw on “120 Minutes” and I fell for it. The late night people around me were trying to change the channel and I took over and refused to give it up. If any song changed my life path, this was the beginning. – DeVico, COMA Music Magazine Contributor

49 – Nine Inch Nails – Wish (1027/18/99) – The second single from Broken. The most successful song from the EP, “Wish” won the Best Metal Performance in the 1993 Grammy Awards. Reznor later joked that his epitaph should read: “REZNOR: Died. Said ‘fist fuck’ and won a Grammy.” The track was remixed twice by J. G. Thirlwell on companion disc to the EP Fixed. The video for this track was directed by Peter Christopherson.

48 – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (1029/17/92) – The opening track from their 1990 albumConfessions Of A Knife…, the bass line and opening samples of “I live for drugs” are unforgettable and let the listener know that this album was going to be different.  This track is easily one of their most recognized songs.

47 – KMFDM- A Drug Against War (1080/18/98) - Released as the first single off the 1993 album, Angst, the song is often considered speed metal even though KMFDM are an Industrial group. The song was also featured in the season 4 Beavis and Butthead episode “Mr. Anderson’s Balls.” where they make “kill everything” comments and urge the animated male character who is caressing a female to go “higher higher” in order to fondle her breasts.

Initially a drunken slip-of -the-tongue by guitarist Mark Durante, the title is one of my faves to this very day. - Sascha Konietzko (Käpt’n K) – KMFDM

46 – Revolting Cocks – Attack Ships on Fire (1106/17/98) – From RevCo’s debut album Big Sexy Land, when they were originally just a “side project” of Al Jourgensen, Luc Van Acker and Richard 23. On the album Live! You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch the track is featured with a more raw tone.

I once heard RevCo referred to as the party side of Ministry but during the hey day of both RevCo and Ministry which wasn’t a party side?  RevCo is RevCo and while they are still going it doesn’t have the same chemistry as the first few releases.  Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?, Beers, Steers and Queers and Attack Ships on Fire and songs that can get any dance floor moving and when I first saw the live show for RevCo with the Revolting Pussies dancing live onstage it was my first exposure to nudity on stage as well, how ever brief it was… someone give me my innocence back please. – Gabe Wilkinson – Microwaved/COMA Music Magazine Contributor

45 – Front 242 – Welcome to Paradise (1110/16/99) – The B-side to the Version 1.0 of the single “Headhunter”, the track is dominated by the electronic bass line, pounding drums and hilarious commentary on charismatic evangelists through clever use of samples.  Appearing on the groups 1988 album Front by Front, both this song and the entire album were a huge step forward in musicianship, with Front 242 basically pulling the EBM genre up from the underground on onto dance floor dominance.

44 – Assemblage 23 – Disappoint (1115.5/20/94) - In 2001, the album Failure gave rise to Assemblage 23’s song “Disappoint”.  This Synthpop/EBM powerhouse’s album was first released on Gashed!, and then on Metropolis Records.

I lost my dad at an early age (worse for my brother who was a decade younger) and I recall my eyes tearing up on first hearing this track. I still wipe my face from time to time and recall all those who have left this life to early. I will always give this artist a nod for being so brave to tackle this delicate subject. It is not often you can find therapy in dancing on such a sad and painful story. – DeVico, COMA Music Magazine Contributor

43 – X Marks the Pedwalk – Abbatoir  (1154/20/98) – The first single from the band’s 1992 debut full length album Freaks,  Sevren Ni-arb marks this track and the album as breakthrough for XMTP.  The track has appeared on more than five different releases, the most recent being the 2009 Abbatoir EP from Infracted Recordings.

42 – :Wumpscut: – Soylent Green (1161/21/100) – The first track on 1993’s Music for a Slaughtering Tribe and named after the 1973 movie and also contains audio samples from the German dubbed version, first attracted attention to :Wumpscut:. Since its release in 1993, it has become a frequently played song at goth and industrial events and clubs around the world.

41 – Big Black – Kerosene (1162/16/97) – Having a harsh Punk sound that was characterized by guitars that were used more as noise-makers than instruments, and by a drum machine – instead of the human equivalent – Big Black had a sound that was all their own; “Kerosene” embodied this sound.

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