:Interview: Jim Semonik, founder of Electronic Saviors

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence has hit the stores and fine digital retailers every where. While it seems to be a gathering of the who’s who of the current industrial world, it’s more than just that. It’s one man’s chance at giving back to a scene that has given him so much when he was down and close to being out. Jim Semonik began Electronic Saviors as his way of giving Cancer the middle finger and doing something about it. Effectually putting his money where his mouth is. Jim has gone on to collect some of the most unique mixes, rare tracks and compilation only releases and all the proceeds go to charity.  Gabe Wilkinson sat down with Jim a few weeks before the release to talk about the effect that Electronic Saviors has had on people and what it means to put something like this together for the entire world to enjoy and. This is one hell of a box set and as you are about to find out, Jim is one hell of a man.

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