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:News: EX-Ashbury Heights Singer Announces Javelynn

Full of energy, armed with a memorable voice, an adept hand for catchy tunes, minimalist beats and powerful electronics and showing anyone who dares to stand in her way the finger, ex-Ashbury Heights vocalist Yaz sets out to conquer the world with her new band Javelynn.

With her partners in crime Elle and Johan, she brews up a cocktail of girl power, Pop, Disco, New Wave, Punk and Electroclash that storms head-first through walls while also allowing for some more fragile sides.

Chimaera At Heat is wild, addictive and irresistible – a perfect balance of Indie and Pop that doesn’t give anything on the conventional.

Or to quote Yaz’ own words: “I Just Wanna Be Me!”

Chimera At Heart is released on Oct 31st via Out Of Line Music.

Javelynn (formerly known as Javelynn Fate) was formed in late 2008 during the Out of Line Festival Tour. Yaz decided to leave her former band Ashbury Heights and start her own act together with Johan Andersson. In mid 2009 Elle joined the band as the live keyboardist and co-programmer.

Javelynn is all about breaking the rules of music and sounds. We combine dance beats with heavy guitars and cold vocals with pop melodies. Our individual experiences and ideas makes Javelynn what it is: A band without boundaries. A creative asylum where nothing is forbidden and where right is wrong.

We try to emphasize the need for a change. Through our music we strive to live up to our own ideals while constantly challenging them. Javelynn is not only about provocative lyrics and compulsive rocking. We’re a band with an agenda. We shall pierce the armour of every music genre, question moral values and defeat definite beliefs! This is what we do. This is what we are.
A missile on parade!

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