:Podcast: The Oontzcast – Episode 22

Christina and Tiffany have more concerts to honor in this weeks episode. What are they? Listen and find out.
While episode 22 doesn’t contain any new tracks it does have a few artists you may have never heard of including Chrysalide, Proyecto Crisis, and [cYbEr.dYnE].

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  1. Front Line Assembly – Dopamine
  2. Cyanotic – Transhuman 2.0
  3. Dismantled – Exit
  4. Android Lust – Slice of Life (Bauhaus Cover)
  5. I:scintilla – Machine Vision
  6. Chrysalide – Not My Word
  7. Pride and Fall – Inside
  8. Proyecto Crisis – No Human Survives
  9. [cYbEr.dYnE] – Feeling
  10. Rabia Sorda – Money Talks (and Rots)

Have a request for next week? Send it to oontzcast[at]coma-online.com and we may just play it for you.

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