:Review: Dead Hand Projekt – Horror EP

Dead Hand Projekt – Horror EP
Release Date: August 16, 2011
Label:  Vendetta Music
Website:  http://deadhandprojekt.com

Review by Amy Reynolds

On August 16th, Dead Hand Project is releasing a little gift for the public.  It is called Horror and you should be eagerly anticipating this arrival.  The EP is going to bring to you two remixes of songs from DHP’s self-titled album and two brand new releases.  Read on and I’ll tell you why you should give this a listen, even if you decided that DHP: Dead Hand Projekt was not done in a style that impressed you.

“Horror (Radio Edit)” opens up this new bunch of stompy tracks, a cut down version of the original.  It remains exactly like “Horror” from the self-titled album, sans the solo beat intro, a few sound clips, and repeated loops.  It makes for a more up-beat song by maintaining the fast rhythm, shortening the length down 1 minute and 13 seconds.  Not really a display of anything new, but an improvement on the previous release.

Following “Horror”, DHP brings us “Annihilation”, displaying how Taury Goforth is constantly building upon his music and evolving into a better musician.  The synth layering in this song makes one’s senses want to punch someone and run around in circles.  Forget about your damned feet!  It is a much more sped up song than most of their previous songs, but still full of the harsh lyrics that makes DHP the “Fuck You” band.  If you don’t like it, then “Shut the fuck up!”

The third track on the EP is “Cold Fusion”, one of my new favorite songs.  With a very EBM sound, full of electro bleeps and boops, a taste of whining Techno synth, but grounding you with that notorious heavy foot fall on the bass known to Industrial music.  This song is full of fun and sure to be a dance floor hit.

Finally, we come to “Dejected (Imperative Reaction Remix)”.  I have to say, “FUCK YEAH!”  I love it!  The first 8 seconds fool you into thinking it is the same as the original from the Dead Hand Projekt self-titled album, but suddenly it’s new and improved!  They’ve added a progressive beat to replace the heavy drum beat before the sound clip, a known sound of Imperative Reaction.  They’ve dropped the tone a bit; made the synth deeper and bass harder, giving us something darker and more demanding.  Also, again, that synth layering!!! O.M.G.!  There is much more use of synth than the previous and much more danceable.  Overall it makes “Dejected” a huge hit for the dance floor.  The length of the song has been shortened, making the punch so compact it knocks it down a full 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Overall, DHP is still pushing its way into the scene and fucking up anyone that gets in their way.  This EP is a must have for any EBM/Industrial lover, if not just for the “Dejected” remix.  I was able to speak to Taury Goforth before finalizing this review and spoke to him briefly about some of the noticeable improvements and questioning him a bit about inspirations that have influenced him in this EP.  He states it is his refusal to be stuck in a rut and always try to evolve his music.  On the tails of this EP is a full-length album that Taury insures me is half complete but cannot confirm a release date yet.  However, he did inform me that, “If you like the EP you’ll love the evolution of the following album.”

Track Listing:

1. Horror (Radio Edit)
2. Annihilation
3. Cold Fusion
4. Dejected (Imperative Reaction Remix)

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