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:Video of the Day (Vacation Edition): Noisuf-X- Toccata del Terrore

Artist: Noisuf-X

Song: Toccata del Terrore

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:CD Review: Noisuf-X – Dead End District

Noisuf-X – Dead End District
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Label – ProNoize
Website: noisuf-x.com

Review by: Zander Buel

“This is a true story. This story’s called…Murderhouse,” or so goes the intro to the last track on Dead End District, the newest official studio album by Jan L’s project Noisuf-X. Take the rough dance floor synthesizers of EBM and the chaotic, electronic explosions and movie samples of industrial, put them in a blender, and you get a continuation of a “cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences,” as described by Jan. That sounds like a modest goal, and Dead End District keeps this formula flowing. Despite that pessimistic and intimidating description of the sound, though, there is more than enough to keep the listener tempted to get up and dance throughout the whole recording. Continue reading