:The View from the Stairs: Triptych Tour (San Francisco)

I would like to introduce my daughter, and newest COMA contributor, Matea. She is eleven and a half years old and has been attending concerts with me since she first saw VNV Nation at five years old. She has seen over twenty shows in all and continues to add to that number. Her new column, The View from the Stairs, refers to her usual post at the DNA Lounge (where we see a large percentage of our shows) in San Francisco. She has stood on the stairs next to the stage since the DNA went all ages three years ago. She has met, and even been on stage with some of the biggest names in our scene, but to her it is just all part of the fun. She will be sharing her concert stories and memories with you and this is her first try… we hope you like it…

Triptych Tour Featuring Imperative Reaction, God Module, System Syn & Twitch The Ripper
October 27, 2011
San Francisco, California, United States @ DNA Lounge

Review by: Matea

I wore my Halloween costume, The Princess of Darkness with my Mom’s old Docs, to the show. It took awhile for us to get out the door because Mom kept forgetting things she needed to bring, but we finally got to leave and started the drive to San Francisco (The City). Traffic was light and we have Fastrak so no waiting at the tollbooths! Hallelujah! When we got to the show we went to see who was there… and ran into Trevor (Imperative Reaction, Combichrist). We went outside and ran into Joey from Combichrist! My mom had decided to keep it a secret that he was there. My mom also forgot to bring the cookies for his birthday (not my fault, hers!). We missed the first band because we were outside with Joey taking pictures and all that.

We went in before System Syn and got my God Module tank top, in fact Clint (who is in every band!) drew it himself. (I later wore it when for my schools haunted house!) Then it was time for System Syn to start, I ran to my spot on the stairs by the stage. My favorite part during System Syn was the song “Good Bye” and the slower song he played that I don’t remember the name of. After System Syn I danced to Joey’s DJ-ing, including my favorite song “This Shit will Fuck You Up”. Then God Module came on stage… oh this was the second time I had seen God Module and System Syn. Jaysn and Clint switched back and forth as singers, and during one of the switches Jaysn stopped and kissed my hand! Wow, no one has ever done that before (hehehe)! I liked the set, but sorry, I don’t know song titles for God Module!

I followed my mom outside. At first, it seemed as if a complete stranger was being extremely rude by tripping me, but when I looked it was our friend Dylan who had noticed me walking and wanted to give me a hug. We were hanging around outside with Adam from, I think, all of the bands. (It seemed like everyone was in more than one band.) We almost missed the beginning of Imperative Reaction because Dylan kept talking, but I was in my place when they started…and that’s when the peanuts began to fly. It was just a few bags at a time at first, but the real battles began when all the band members from all the bands (and Joey) came up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to Adam and sprayed him with about four cans of silly string. After that everyone was throwing peanuts at each other, while I think Joey tried to pants a couple of people. All of this was going on during the last song, “As We Fall”. I also am a guilty party in the great peanut launching.

When the show was over we went upstairs to where the VIPs were being let in (I was not a VIP, but I AM a VIP with Joey) so when he was letting the VIPs in he called us backstage too. When I got backstage everyone was getting their picture taken with the bands while we talked to Eric Gottesman of Everything Goes Cold. I had my picture taken with everyone, both group shots and a few with individual people. After the pictures, Jaysn sneaked up on me and pretended to try to put a bag over my head because I had thrown peanuts at him… but you can’t kill The Demon that easily. As we were leaving the backstage I ran all over the stage picking up salted peanuts. I got an overflowing box full of peanuts… still eating them as I write. We stopped at Denny’s on the way home and had biscuits and gravy with hash browns… that was my View from the Stairs at the last night of the Triptych Tour – October 27, 2011.

Next up… Straftanz and VNV Nation… November 21, 2011

5 thoughts on “:The View from the Stairs: Triptych Tour (San Francisco)”

  1. I thought I was reading a teenagers experience here lol. She is a very bright and awesome kid…..person. I absolutely loved it! This has even inspired me more to bring my daughter to shows :) Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. As her mom I can’t stress enough that for their first show, choice of venue is as important as choice of band. The wrong venue can make for a bad experience and may turn them off to going to shows for a very long time. At the show she just reviewed there was a 9 year old girl who looked very scared and would not go with Matea to where she could have been more protected from the crowd… I have to wonder if that little girl will ever want to go to another show…

  3. Mom here… trust me you don’t know her… she is a handful! The same confidence that has gotten her onstage and makes her fearless around bands also makes her think she is an adult… and that some rules just do not apply to her! Its a constant balancing act to help her not be in trouble constantly while letting her maintain her spirit and independence!

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