:Video of the Day: Effter – Alexithymia

:Video of the Day: Effter – Alexithymia

Artist: Effter

Song: Alexithymia

EFFTER was formed by Frank F and JQR.
Both from Milan (Italy) they met in Berlin (Germany) in the summer of 2009.

Their music is a mixture of Frank F and JQR’s musical backgrounds combined with the current electronic wave to create a brand new sound.
In addition to electronic atmospheres and an enormous range of music (from metal and noise to electro, gabber, etc.),
EFFTER is inspired by poetry, cinema, literature, psychology and more.

In the summer of 2010 they started recording the tracks which will make up their first album.
In November 2010 they released their official ep “My sick game” which is available on their website and in January 2011 EFFTER also released the official videoclip for the song “Jail”.

In April 2011 EFFTER signed with Danse Macabre Records and on 27th of May they released the debut album “Bilateral602″.

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