:Video of the Day: Grausame Töchter – Ich Darf Das!

:Video of the Day: Grausame Töchter – Ich Darf Das!

Artist: Grausame Töchter

Song: Ich Darf Das!

Grausame Töchter (German: Cruel daughters), founded in 2009 is a band that in their music elements from the EBM , Industrial , Punk , film music and techno processed. The lyrics of the singer Aranea Peel rotate frequently on topics such as sadomasochism and relationship conflict.

The band was founded in 2009 in Hamburg. The founding members include Aranea Peel (vocals) and Gregor Hennig (drums, studio mix).

Since 2010, the band also live. Due to the BDSM -desktop elements in the presentation applies to the concerts typically an age restriction , that the concert-goers must be 18 years old. In addition to the regular cast are also always different (usually female) guests. On stage and that performance art, both as a singer and musician as well as in the field.

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