:Video of the Day: Javelynn – Wannabe

:Video of the Day: Javelynn – Wannabe

Artist: Javelynn

Song: Wannabe

Hailing from Sweden, Javelynn was formed in late 2008 during the Out of Line Festival Tour.

It was then that singer Yaz decided to leave her former band Ashbury Heights and to start her own act with guitarist Johan Andersson. In mid-2009, Elle joined the band as a live keyboarder and co-programmer.

Javelynn is all about breaking the rules of music and sounds. They combine dance beats with heavy guitars and cold vocals with pop melodies.
Their individual experiences and ideas makes Javelynn what it is: A band without boundaries. A creative asylum where nothing is forbidden and where right is wrong. Through their music, they strive to live up to their own ideals while constantly challenging them. Javelynn is not only about provocative lyrics and compulsive rocking. It’s a band with an agenda. A missile on parade!

Their debut album “Chimaera at Heart” is planned for release Fall 2011!

Who is Yasmine Uhlin?

She is an artist and her only purpose in this world is to change it. she had always been hard to get yet cheerful and tender around her loved ones. During her early teenage years she discovered the talent that she has for understanding, criticize and questioning this world, in her life. she had never loved it but she had never hated it either. As time went by she started to use here “talent” as a tool. It became a part of her creativity and her creations, paintings or songs. she embrace her enemy and walk hand in hand with chance. she guess that describes her pretty well.


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